Of And Beyond

by Old Accusers

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released February 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Old Accusers Sharon, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Wait
We're standing still on a mountain of dirt
Shooting BB guns at clouds and hitting our feet
(On a mountain of dirt)
We're not alone when we're breaking the teeth
The mouth has swallowed more than we know
This town is a coal dusted train wreck
Slums and junkies
Kids on the rails in stagnant dens of smoke
Lone mothers, empty bottles, noses of coke
We are not awake enough
Track Name: Green As Ever
The vast, great white death is on its way
I'm sorry I didn't warn you
I'm sorry, this isn't the first time I have seen things like this
Annual devastation
My friends, my neighbors
You will pass and I will remain
I said I'm sorry
As every leaf and every twig begins to fall, a piece of me will go with it
But I stay rooted in this soil, forever tall, forever green
A beacon of light to those next in line
I stand tall, green as ever
Track Name: Medicine Show
Your mouths have been fucked open and wired shut
From your soapbox, on your recliner, from your front lawn, in your healthy, wholesome housing development
Puppeteers, ventriloquists
You're all talking with your hands
The opening act for the medicine show
Miracle cure
Track Name: Untitled
Everyone's worst nightmares are becoming harsh realities
We love to play the victim, but we're all guilty
What will it take?
We all live the same
Gluttony, greed, consumption
We are dependent on tragedy
The only hell I believe in is the one on earth
Track Name: Born For Hard Luck
I was born for hard luck
You look at me, you see a man who has lived that way
A monolith made of shit is my monument to what I have not achieved
Tear soaked t-shirt
Trudging along
O Brother, where have you been?
O Brother, I'm coming to find you
O Brother, I'm almost there
Track Name: Skipping Stones
I've been skipping stones
Watching things fly, tasting the dirt
It sits on my tongue the same way it always has
I've been skipping stones
Riding the ripples in the water, letting them carry me to places unfamiliar
I've been standing with cement legs
Hoping for light, praying for a heat to dry this up
I've been skipping stones, but what good does it do?
As I wade in this lake, my feet search for feeling, a brush or a bite
But things stay stagnant, eroding with time
Nomads of the same mistakes, I know that we are the same breed
I've always made those mistakes myself
We climbed the mountain, just to slide back down
We sliced ourselves, and then we drank the blood
And we tasted every definition of bittersweet
The things we said about where we are and where we need to be
The things we said about singing
The things we said about what we have become
The things we said about struggling
The tension is breaking my bones