All Is Shrouded But There Is A Voice Still Howling

by Old Accusers

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Recorded by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings (
Artwork done by Kimi Hanauer
Guest vocals on "Plight" by Dylan Walker


released May 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Old Accusers Sharon, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Plight
Days spent walking
Chiseling our legs down to our shins
Open up my veins, let the roots grow in
Champion of the sewer in the emperor's new sheep's clothing
Don't burn your rags, you need something to polish your dire vices
Last call

Lily spangled dim lit wanderer,
stale vibrations corrode
Rhythmic bleating of empty chords
corante of every goat and lord
We hum and we moan on stock and bone
for what was and what was never gained
A pell-mell sight from a low born light
A lotus turned to a ceaseless blight

Ten thousand pounds of oppresion
Bear the weight of the crown
"In this world we walk the roof of hell, gazing at the flowers"
Track Name: The Arrows
Routine has its tightest grip around my throat
Decaying as time's arrows travel on
Fives and zeros, number games
Retrace, regret, runaway
Ritual suicide just to be nickel and dimed
Fives and zeros number games
Retrace, regret, runaway
Sinking headlights and hospital beds
Breeding ground, feeding time for sunken eyes
All is shrouded, but there is a voice still howling
Old, cold, and tired just won't cut it anymore
To rebuild is too accept destruction
But not to forfeit, nothing is forgotten
If all else fails, "take me to the river, drop me in the water"
Track Name: Rapture Reflections
This skin is a dirty suit that I must learn to shed
Bathing in dog shit, fucking in dirt
I'm searching through mounds of ash, looking for a new vessel
This ship has been high and dry, these bodies have hung far too long
Push it back
Let it sink
Cut the ropes
Let them fall
Though I'm blinded by smoke, let's see what I can find
Track Name: A Name, A Face
I gave it a name
I gave it a face
It grew two legs and it sprouted wings
I taught it to walk, I taught it to fly
I gave it a name
I gave it a face
I rode on it's back and captured everything
We danced to the sun and burned our thoughts on the way
I basked in the light
I borrowed the luck
I'm forgetting the name
I'm forgetting the face
A heavy rain will come...
...and it will wash away all things
The fear I was born and baptized in
All the dirt and the phlegm
Bleach and the medicine
Lifting the shroud, it's dead and gone
The rain has washed nothing
And I know exactly where my ignorance lies
Watching the scales fall from my eyes
And I know my hands quite well
They will never callous, never bleed, never be like the hands of my father.